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    Normally, I’d search threads before bothering you fellas about a topic that’s probably already been flogged to death, …but I’ve got an order to get out pronto..

    I’m not a pro powder-coater. I’m a builder of pedal steel guitar accessories,..who happens to use powder-coating as a finishing option on selected items.
    I have an Eastwood Pro-gun, and generally deal with single coat finishes, but I recently decided to expand my skills and try some chrome finishes.
    This particular material I’m working with, is 1/16″, 6063 aluminum.
    First, I pre-coated (undercoated) the part with high gloss black, like I’ve read on this forum in the past.
    Secondly, I shot the still warm part with reflective chrome. It was tough to get the powder to stick,.. but I managed.
    Third, I tried to top coat with High gloss clear, but the powder wouldn’t take at all. What little had settled on it (gravity) was being partially blown back off by the low airflow of the gun (10-15 lbs PSI)

    I suspect this is a problem with the + – ratio. (* I don’t know how to set the voltage dial on the back of the gun, or really,..what it even does)
    I’d really like to shoot another coat of chrome again,…and then top coat the part.

    Any suggestions?
    One more question. This thin aluminum material has a lot of production striations, and dimples.
    Is there a good ‘Bond-o’ type of material that would work for this, that I could apply, and sand smooth before my first coats?
    …I do know that Bond-o won’t work

    Thanks in advance,

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