HELP! Spool gun tips?

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    I’m trying to learn to use the spool gun on my Mig 175, however all I’m doing is messing up piece after piece of aluminum.

    Let’s get the basic things covered:

    I have 100% Argon
    I have a stainless steel brush to clean the metal
    I brush the hell out of the AL
    I’ve been all over the heat/wire feed settings.

    I watched several videos and read several sites to get tips beforehand. The welding isn’t looking anything like what was depicted. Which was individual droplets laying on top of each other forming a bead. They all said it should be spray transfer and it’s nothing like it.

    At high heat it acts almost like a plasma and just burns holes in the AL
    At low heat the droplets do not melt into the metal or each other, just have beads of AL all over.


    These are photos of what my results have been. The one with the serious holes was my anger getting ahold of me and I just let the wire run into it for awhile. First photo is my try tonight, later ones were yesterday. Not that there was any improvement.

    Any suggestions? I have a project for a client that I need to get this figured out and fast!



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