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    I am going to be doing my first paint project and was hoping I could get some help selecting the right products. Could not get anyone on helpline today. I’ve purchased everything I need as far as tape, sand paper, safty, etc, etc, now i just need gun and paint producs.

    I’ve decided on gettign the concours hvlp gun with 1.2, 1.4, and 1.8 tips. I have a 33gal compressor that puts out 6.3 cfm @ 40 psi so it should handle the guns requirements.

    I am going to be painting race bodywork on a sportbike motorcycle. My goal is to have it come out better then a rattlecan job. Doesnt have to be perfect, but want it as good as my skill level will allow. I have no skill right now 🙂 But point is I want good paint products so I am the only limiting factor.

    The bodywork is made out of fiberglass and is flexible, it will flex a bit when I remove and install it. It comes with a “industry leading urethane primer that only needs a light scuff and is ready for paint”. I still would like to purchase primer though as i may need it for other areas like my gas tank or incase i mess up and have to redo a piece.

    80% of bike will be gloss black, with some ferrari red and white accents (like a racing stripe, or numbers, etc)

    When I look at paint there just seems to be many different kinds for many different applications and it’s a little over my head at this point.

    So could I please get reccomendations for the following.
    Links or part numbers or descriptions that will allow me to purchase the proper products online.

    1) Primer

    2) Gloss Black base coat.

    3) Ferrari Red base coat (or close to that color)

    4) White base coat.

    5) Clear coat.

    6) Pait Reducer (I assume I need this)

    7) gun & surface cleaner (pre or one of those types of products, i’ve purchesed tack cloths)

    8) Do I need to do or buy anything special due to the flexible nauter of the bodywork?

    9) if i decide to do my gas tank which is metal can i use the same products or do i need differnt ones

    I would like enough product to paint 2 bikes, in case I mess up or decide to redo my old bodywork as well.

    I really appreciate any info and or recommendations.


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