help >>polishing a steel frame> what 2 use to seal it against rust

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    Hi everyone,

    Now this is being done on a Yzf 600R a sports bike
    polished the frame to a high shine and luster, “compounded” it, and it looks great, but

    if I leave it that way it will rust, this is made out of steel and I tried to clear coat it using a clear “same as is used for car paint” but it looks *****y
    and it takes away all the shine

    now I’ve done this three times, polished it, cleared it, glazed it, polished and had 2 strip it and do it all over again, no luck.

    so 2 make a long story short, I thought zoopseal might do the trick

    I need a protective coat that is clear, and sticks to bare metal
    the frame doesen’t come anywhere near the 500 degree F in temp

    any help would be great, thanks in advance

    and if zoopseal is the thing, how does get applied anyway?

    if not what are my options

    I would hate to paint it again, as when polished it looks stunning.

    😀 much love

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