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Posted: September 9, 2005 By: whiteguyscanfly
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    Hello once again, my name is Cameron and I am 15. I posted a thread a while back about painting cars and now as you can tell I need advice on pinstriping. I live in Littleton, Colorado and my brothers friend wants me to do some pinstriping on his Ford Bronco. Scence I live in Colorado I was wondering if pinstriping had any time or weather restraints. I had just planed on on using One Shot, but should I consider somthing else because of the elevation and temp (its not cold yet but I don’t know when I will be pinstriping his car). I was also woundering if it would look good on his car, because its a nice car, the engine runs good and the interior is good, but I don’t want to make the car have a down fall if the pinstriping isn’t going to look good. If any one has any other comments or advice it would help.

    thanks, cameron

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