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    I tried the Blue Stardust iridecent powder. my first two tries are real flops- so I thought I ask for help.

    I am doing machined alum. the parts were orginaly powder coated in black. I bead blasted the finish off (glass beads) to raw alum.

    The the stardust blue came with an extra instrution sheet- which I belive is the wrong sheet. the sheet indicats you apply the powder directly to the raw metal, then do a clear coat over it. I belive this was intended for the reflective chrome- not the blue stadust, as the cataluge indicates this should be applied as a second coat over black.

    I cleaned the part with actone and pre heated it in the oven for 15 min at 400*. I let it cool to 180* and applied gloss black as an undercoat. This was put in an oven pre heated to 450* then the temp reduced to 400* after flow out and cured for 30 min. The black coad was great!

    I clean off the area where I was putting on the wire and applied the Blue stardust to the still hot (about 200* acording to my infared meter) peice.

    I then cured this for 25 min at 400* and let cool (inside the turned off oven) (OK- I’ll admit it, I turned off the oven after 20 min and went to bed)

    The results are terrible. the contored areas have bright blue in the seems and muddy, spotty blue in the flat area.

    I am using the orginal gun with a fluidizing attchemnt and high preformance defuser. as usual I use 7 psi- the same basic set up I use to get very good single colors.

    For a second try, I let the black fully cure and filed the area where I was attching the wire. sprayed the blue stardust in a very heavy coat. then cured for 25 min at 400*

    (just fyi- I chect the cured coat with some acitone, and it was fully cured)


    While I blast the finish off this again, anyone have any tips for me???



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