Help Needed! ’76 Chevy LUV Restoration

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    Hi! My name is Natanya. This last fall my dad passed away, and he left his ’76 Chevy LUV to me. It’s in a somewhat poor condition, but I want to restore it and possibly use it as my daily driving vehicle. However, I have never owned a vehicle before, and would have no clue where to start. My dad loved this truck, and I want to treat it right.

    I’m guessing the first step would be assessing the sort of work it needs done, but I don’t even know where to start with that.

    My primary concerns are that it hasn’t been driven in nearly a decade, and the floor has rusted through on both the passenger side and the driver’s side to the point where the person on the passenger side could put their foot through to the ground below. There’s several other places on the body where it’s rusted clean through as well, and it’s rear bumper is going to need to be replaced after a small accident where a red thunderbird rear-ended the poor truck years back.

    It’s going to need to be repainted and reupholstered, and the dashboard is severely cracked and will need replaced as well.

    All in all I’m pretty overwhelmed and need some assistance!

    If anyone wants photos feel free to ask and I’ll get some uploaded, just tell me what you want to see.

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