HELP! My gun is malfunctioning (Ithink)

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    I have an Eastwood hotcoat gun. I haven’t had it more than a year and up until 30 minutes ago it has been working flawlessly. Powder coating in the garage, everything is going well. Cleaned the gun in between colors and set up some fresh parts. Began to spray the powder and it didn’t seem to be adhering correctly. Held the gun a little closer and it was blowing the powder right off the part! Zero adhesion. Like blowing dust around. However I DID have great arc. Everything appeared to be operating normally. The red light on the box is on as it should be etc.

    I run a digital regulater and keep the PSI under 10. Yes I was plugged into the wall. Yes I pushed the button and arced the electrode to the part, , the hanging wire, and the rack all with unchanging results. The only thing I see as being a possible issue the the powder content in the bottle is about 1/3 full.

    I’ve been trying to call Eastwoods tech help line for 2 weeks now and cannot get beyond the computer generated answering machine. I’ve left a mssg but still no call back. Now I have a very pressing problem as I’m expecting more customers parts coming soon. Any ideas?!

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