Help!; Mini Concours HVLP Gland Nut Leak

Posted: March 14, 2013 By: MCForever

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    In between shooting colors on my motorcycle, I did a complete tear down of my mini Concours HVLP gun. As delivered, the gun weeped paint down the trigger from the gland nut. I re-assembled it and snugged down the gland nut. Not tight, just snug. I filled the cup with paint and it poured out of the air cap making a holy mess of the floor and gun. I backed off the nut about half a turn, the needle moved forward and the leak stopped.

    The nut seems pretty loose to me and there appears to be a very small range between leaking down the trigger and jamming the needle. What am I doing wrong here? Is there a separate packing unit inside the gland nut?

    The gun sprays well and I would like to figure this out.


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