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    46 autocar

    I have hit a roadblock in my first resto and I was hoping you can set me straight. I have gone from bare metal, to Nason epoxy, then fillers, epoxy again, slicksand blocked to 320 and then what i planned to be a seal coat of the same epoxy without sanding and finally Nason SS. But I had some screwups in the sealer coat (run or two, dry spray, and some patches of tiny pinholes that I am assuming are solvent pop) and decided i needed to sand them out. The only way i could get that epoxy to sand was to wet sand with 600. It looks pretty good but i sanded thru to the Slicksand in areas and a couple of very small areas of bare metal. Where do i go from here? Is it too smooth to try epoxy again as is? What should i sand or scuff it with from here? I figure maybe i can thin the next epoxy coat and hope for a smooth seal coat that i don’t screw up again? I’ve overthought this and read too much on the net and confused and frustrated myself….. Do you make house-calls? Is painting like bowling, cause i usually bowl better after a couple of beers?
    BTW. love your paintucations and miss you on tv

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