help id Ewoodbuffer the $680.00 model from the 199.99 they made a few yrs ago

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    I need help identifying an Easwtood buffer. Its a 3/4 hp dual speed premier 10 inch buffer.
    I don’t have a model number. All the pictures I have of the unit don’t show one. Not sure if it came with a model number on it or not. Its not on the big tag that says Eastwood, has the spec and buffing guide. I called Eastwood and their last high end model under the Eastwood name was model 13006, sold for $680.00. sadly they also had a 3/4 hp dual speed unit that sold for 199.99. doesn’t mean its either of those but guessing its one of those two. maybe someone has one or both and can send me pictures or if anyone has the older catalogs could check for me. I would greatly appreciate it. I either have a great deal or would be paying full retail for an NOS buffer and stand and then some more. The stand looks a little heavier duty then current model. It was all purchased right before the switch to what they sell now. I really want to make an informed decision. I need a good low speed buffer. Bought a cheap one to get buy but rpms are way above what I need for a lot of my work.
    The specs if it makes a difference and wordings are like this: Eastwood 3/4HP DUAL Speed Premier Buffing Motor
    AC VOLTS 120
    HZ 60
    Watts 370/550
    AMPS 3.36/4.68
    Peak/Running Rpm 1745/3500 1700/3400
    Wheel Size 10 inch
    Eastwood (in cursive)
    buffing wheel and Compund election chart

    the color is the Eastwood dark blue. Its a 3 speed switch. left slow, center off, right fast picture of turtle on left and rabbit on right.
    Im assuming the specs will be a little different then between the two priced units.
    does any one know who made the better units for eastwood? I could always have them check the serial number. I know Bosch/dremel etc can check anything they made no matter name on unit by serial number.

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