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    Hello Eastwood

    I’m working on a Mercedes where I grinded down surface rust and bondo and sure enough all the rust returned. The car is covered with rust and starting in random spots so I will need to do every major body panel. I’m confused on what products I should use before the bondo and on raw metal. I currently have fast etch, fast etch black primer, as well as looking into Encapsulator and rust removal gel. I really don’t want this rust returning again and I’m confused on what steps to use/products. I’m not sure if I should grind down the door/quarter completely then do fast etch on the entire door, followed by the entire door encapsulator, fast etch primer, epoxy primer, topcoat or what. Can I have assistance with the process and products /steps I should use. I’m using a cleaning disc and flap wheel. I do not want this rust returning. Please help

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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