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    I do light fab work and half run a powder coating business. Up until a few weeks ago I have been using and working with a maxus 180 welder I bought when tractor supply was getting rid of that brand. I picked it and a 110 welder fo the same brand for cheap and they both worked great for me I sold the 110 first and made money and recently sold the 180 maxus welder and made money on it also. I did this to buy one of the new eastwood welders the 175 with the spool gun. After looking around I stumbled across the hobart 210 with spool gun from tractor supply for 799 it has a better duty cycle and higher amperage then the eastwood 175 and is made in the USA but at a cost of 300+ tax over the eastwood. I need some help deciding on what welder to buy between those two and if the hobart is worth the 300 bucks. 3/8s is about as thick as I ever need to go on steel and the aluminum spool gun would just be for brackets and things like that.
    Maybe someone with both will chime in and give the scoop.
    Thanks All
    Custom Powder Coating

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