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    Hey guys I just joined!
    I’ve been working on building and restoring motorcycles for about a year now.
    I decided to finally bite the bullet and learn how to paint.

    Old Japanese bikes are my forte, specifically Hondas; I’ve got 2 cb750’s and 2 gl1000’s.
    Also in my garage are 2 Yamaha xs650’s that I am working on for a friend and another cb750 for another friend.

    I’ve been browsing the eastwood and caswell plating forums for a while now.
    I’m about to buy my first round of paints from Eastwood, so I thought I’d join and share my progress with everyone.
    I’m also certain that I’ll have my fair share of questions to ask.

    If anyone is interested here’s my blog where you can track my progress:


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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