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Posted: November 11, 2012 By: gagallagher

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    Hello, My name is George, from Maine. I want to get into powder coating. I have been reading, and searching, and I know alot of my questions have been answered, but I am asking again. I plan on doing smaller parts, smaller parts for a local sled/cycle/ATV shop (in time) I have two dedicated house hold ovens for curing. (thinking about combining them and make one larger oven, (possible?, anyone every done it?)

    I would like to know should I go with the duel voltage setup, or single voltage? I am thinking about this setup due to the fact it has everything.

    I know prep is key, what metal cleaners etc, should I have on hand to make that part as painless as possible, I believe if the prep is done correctly, the powder coating aspect is quite easily done.

    Thank you all very much


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