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    Several months ago, I changed out the distrubutor on my 64 chev pickup to an HEI. It’s got a 283 in it. I was very happy at the performance that it gave. Everything seemed fine until Sunday. I was driving down the road and it backfired. Luckily I was about to turn off the highway and coast into my property.

    When it backfired, it died. It wouldn’t restart. It would backfire and act like it was going to start but thats it. I bypassed the controle module and it still didn’t do anything. I pulled the distributor and one side of the gears on the bottom of the shaft are ground off.

    I read somewhere that this is not uncommon to happen, something about a washer on the camshaft gear clashing with the HEI gear. Has anyone else ever had this happen? I don’t want to go back together with a new camshaft and have this happen again. I’d rather go back to the original distributor if theres a chance this could happen again.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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