Heavy Duty Anti-Rust

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    I tried searching for an answer to this and could not find one.

    Does anyone know if Heavy Duty Anti-Rust can be applied over Extreme Chassis Paint?

    I’ve stripped my Jeep vehicle frame which had rust, applied Rust Encapsulator, then Extreme Chassis primer, then Extreme Chassis Paint.

    I live in the salt belt in the United States, and I’m looking to further bulletproof my vehicle frame coating.
    I plan on frequently going off roading, and with the inclusion of heavily salted roads in the winter, I want the best protection possible.

    I was thinking the Heavy Duty Anti rust would be a good first line of defense as its “self-healing” and thus it would help protect the extreme chassis coating under it. Although I recall reading the Extreme Chassis paint was designed explicitly resist coatings on top of it.

    Any advice?

    – Jeeper

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