Handling the Heat & Factory color – ’67 Malibu

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    Thank You in advance for any responses.
    I’ve powdered a few things with success. Exciting!
    My conventional paint friends can’t believe the simplicity, quality end
    result, quicker time turn around, and ease of clean up… hehehe…

    I’m currently starting my ’67 Malibu Resto. Currently under the hood.
    Any advice for the following; (color for STOCK appearance? and can they handle the HEAT- 400 degrees without the seals being ruined?)

    1. Core support, inner fender wells – (color?)
    2. Horns (color? Heat?)
    3. Windshield Wiper Motor (Heat?)
    4. Power steering pump, Power brake booster (color? Heat?)
    5. Power steering gear box (color? Heat?)
    6. Water Pump (Heat?)
    7. Differential (color?)


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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