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    I am trying to restore a rusty mini cooper with limited time to do the work. I am cutting out rusty metal and welding in patch panels but only have time to do small areas at a time. Yesterday for example I cut out a area and welded in a patch, looks great. I know I won’t get to another area for 2 weeks, so to protect the bare metal I used some cheap spray can paint and will remove it and go back to bare metal when the time comes to finish the job. When I know I will be working on the car next weekend I just spray some WD-40 on the bare metal.

    I purchased some EW epoxy spray cans thinking I could use them but with the limited shelf life once you puncture the can it would have a waste of more than half that expensive can to spray the part I fixed.

    I was thinking of getting the 2 part epoxy by the gallon but need to know what type of spray gun to get. Last time I painted a car (decades ago) I used a non HVLP gun and I don’t have it anymore. I will eventually of course need to spray the car with paint and clear coat, I assume that means 2 guns. I have a true 5HP compressor with 80gal tank.

    Also, epoxy or self-etching primer ? the body will be rust free, I was just reading and maybe self-etching would be easier for this type of work since I don’t have to mix it. My welding skills are not as good as they were, so I will need filler and/or hi-build primer eventually to go on top of the metal primer.

    (progress is being made, slow and steady, subframes are ready to go in, but I work for a living so work on the car is a weekend thing and it lives outside in the weather on my 2-post lift, making rust from one week to the next a issue)

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