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    Well I did my first powder coating this weekend. I am so impressed with myself! 😀 (And Eastwood, and all the good folks on this forum who taught me so much.) The job came out great.

    My only problem is that the place where I had the part hanging by a wire has a couple of pinhole sized spots where the powder rubbed off or never made it onto the part. I read through the forums and found this thread that talks about grounding.

    It seems that no one is really worried about marks or bare spots where the ground wire/clamp is, as long as it is discreet. I am PARANOID about rust, which is why I like PC. If you saw my project car you’d understand why.

    So is anyone worried about rust creep? Any tips on how to fill in these spots? I know the trick about threading a bolt and using that to ground, but what about when that is not possible? Thanks in advance!

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