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    I just picked up the PSS Spectracoat ESO1-H and cannot get it to do a second coat at all. I have tried to run the ground wire from the box to the rack and directly to the part. I have a wire going from the rack to the 3/8″ copper rod that runs to the fuse box in the building. I took the angle grinder to the rack to make sure I had a good clean surface to ground it too. I had it up to 100kv which made no difference. I hear the crackling just fine when the trigger is pulled but I don’t see spark jump when I get close to it like I did with my hobby gun. The first coat went on fine with no issues but I shouldn’t be having problems with the second one. I’m way behind on orders and need to get this figured out ASAP so any help is appreciated.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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