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    Hi all;
    I was digging through my catalog, planning to stock up on sand paper,
    but got a bit confused about the grits needed & offered.

    Boxes of Indasa paper up to P2500 grit are offered, but apparently
    this translates to only 1100 grit US (ANSI?). For color sanding,
    the sequence “1000 if needed, then 1500, finally 2000” seems to be the general recommendation, but nobody ever mentions which grit standard.
    I assume they mean 2000 US? Is that right? — that must be in the P4000 to P5000 range?

    It seems the obvious interpretation, but for being a little surprised that Eastwoods — usually comprehensive to a fault :> — doesn’t offer packs of paper for color sanding.


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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