Got myself in a jam, need some advice

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    Used singe stage urethane and european clear coat. Had base done, thought all was well, started shooting clear and noticed I had some big basecoat runs coming down from fuel door area. I continued on and finished the clear (3 coats) over entire car. Not sure what to do now to fix the runs, I am kind of in a jamb because I mixed all the paint I had up but I did have some left over and sealed the can back up, this was about 16 hours ago, its cold here and the paint still seems runny but not sure if that matters and if it is bad now. This is a Datsun 240z so there is no panel for the rear end, so I will need to blend into existing finish at some point. Any thoughts on my best approach to tackle this, considering the paint I have left and time since last clear coat was applied (16 hours ago)? Thank you.

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