Got my 4 gallons of PC dissolver…and dunk tank for my valve covers

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    I’ve been looking high and low for a container to put the dissolver in AND that would fit my Honda/Acura valve covers AND not force me to use 20 gallons of dissolver.

    I bought a plastic tool box from Home’s 24″ wide. My K-Series valve covers fit in it nicely and are 99% submerged…with only 4 gallons of disslover. Luckily, that’s EXACTLY what I ordered from EW.

    This is making my live sooooooooooo easy, but I’m getting some “scale” build up on the aluminum after I pull it from the “dip” and rinse it off. Noticed it this morning.

    Not a big deal, I still plan on media blasting, but the time saving so I don’t have to strip…freaking great!

    So far this stuff is awesome and I hope it lasts long enough to make its cost and time savings worth it. 🙂


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