good results but not yet perfect.

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    ok ive finally got some results that im some what proud of. but i still have alot of small scratches left that ithink is from the tripolie.

    i wet sanded to 2000 then went with black on a sewn stitch. then brown on a sewn. i could still see some scratches on the part so i tried brown on a canton then white red on a sewn stitch and still the same.
    i finished with white on a canton. could this be because im useing a drill that only spins at 1200 rpm.(i have a bench grinder im gonna convert when i get it). i also di another one of these and i tried skipping the black altogether but still have the same results. any one have any suggestion or advice.

    the first 2 pic are before and after the last pic is a close up of the scratches. sorry the pics suck i dont have a great camera.

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