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    Hi everyone,
    this is not about PC speaking so. Not yet at least.
    I bought an eastwood elite PC kit more than a year ago, but we moved before I could use it. Now the new shop is ready, I have a kitchen oven installed, almost ready to start BUT : 2 questions ! 🙂

    – unboxing the kit, I discovered that I have only 2 electrostatic rods in the gun “barrel”, instead of 3 as presented in the user’s manual. Is it a problem, and if so, can it be replaced by something else (I think I have some PVC rods here that I could machine the to the right size). Or can I get this part from Eastwood ?

    – the unit runs out of 110V AC. In France, we have 220V. Of course I plan gettin a 220V to 110V converter but I need to know the current the unit uses. From what I see, it’s just an inverted with low current, so the current involved is just the up conversion losses in the inverter transformer. I could buy a 1000W unit, but I’d like to actually get something adapter to the right wattage so that I could pack the converter in the PC unit, this way I have a fully working 220V unit (I’m an electronic engineer). From what I read, the current involved at the output of the inverter is about 150 µA. Output being 10,000 volts, transformer ratio is around 90, that’s 14 mA. Total < 2W.
    Somebody could confirm this ? If the wattage is that low, I could shove any sort of small 2:1 transformer in the PC unit.

    thanks for any help, can’t start experimenting !

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