Getting Started in Powder Coating…What do I need?

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    A common question that we receive in regards to powder coating is “what do I need to get started?” This question seems pretty simple, but there are several variables that can come into play. Do you plan on only occasionally coating parts, do you plan on turning this into a side business, do you plan on starting your own powder coating shop, what type of items do you plan on coating, what condition are the items in, etc, etc, etc….. Depending on what you intend to do, will ultimately impact what products we recommend.

    Whatever your plans are, there are some items that are required to get started. In the simplest form, you will need:

    • A powder coating gun
    • A compressed air supply (air must be dry and clean)
    • A way to cure the powder (IR lamp, toaster oven, dedicated household oven)
    • Powder
    • Metal items to coat that can withstand the curing temperatures (items need to be clean, bare metal, and rust-free)
    • Surface Prep – PRE or Acetone
    • Air blow gun (to clean your powder coating gun and cups)
    • Dust mask
    • Goggles
    • Disposable Nitrile Gloves
    • A clean area to work
    • Willingness to learn
    • And of course…..The Powder Coating Forum on Shop Talk!!

    We consider this list to be the bare minimum for what you need to get started in powder coating.

    In addition to the bare minimum, here are additional items that will make your powder coating jobs easier:

    As powder coating can be quite satisfying, many of our customers that intended to only coat a few of their small parts, have started there own small powder coating businesses out of their garages. As these businesses grow, the owners search for easier ways of stripping old paint and rust from the parts. A common purchase is a pressure blaster and/or a blast cabinet. Although HotCoat powder coating guns do not require large amounts of air to operate (our 11609 Airbrush Compressor will operate our hobby guns), pressure blasters and blast cabinets consume large amounts of air. We often hear from individuals that are looking for a blast cabinet or pressure blaster that will operate off of their 1 ½ hp. air compressor. When deciding on an air compressor to purchase, we recommend that you plan for the future and get the best air compressor you can afford (many pressure blasters and blast cabinets require a minimum of 7cfm at 80psi). Many powder coating shops that we have talked with consider their air compressors to be the backbone of their operation… compressor selection should not be taken lightly if you plan on getting serious about powder coating!

    If you are looking to start a powder coating business, we can help you create a custom package that fits your needs. Click here for more details.

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