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    Sb Moto

    well I have been playing around with this stuff for quite a while and I am wanting to open a motorcycle shop in the next 6 months or so.. I want to add powdercoating to the shop so Im trying to figure out what all I will need. As of right now I basically just have the EW hobby gun.

    I know Ill need all of these and probably more:

    Air Compressor
    Media Blasting cabinet
    PC gun
    Parts washer

    Anyone have any recommendations? I found a 48″ Badboy blasting cabinet with air filtation system and a 36″ Trinco locally. The badboy is over double the price of the Trinco, but is the extra 12″ worth it? Any idea what compressor Ill need to run these? Recommendations on guns?

    Anyone powder coating bike parts please chime in!!

    Thanks in advance guys!

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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