Getting Results From my Eastwood’s #13384 Heavy Duty Vibratory Tumbler….

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    I purchased an Eastwood’s Heavy Duty Vibratory Tumbler a week ago, and I have been struggling to achieve any results. I followed the instructions supplied with the machine to the letter, using the supplied ‘Green Pyramid’ rust cutting media, and adding 1 cup of water and 1 teaspoons of metal wash to the mixture. I tumbled a handful of bolts and hose-clamps (Observing the 30/70 rule) for the 4-hours specified in the instructions, and pulled them out to find that they looked exactly the same as when I put them in! The fasteners varied in condition from clean, to flash rusted, to heavily pitted with rust; none had changed in condition after the 4-hour period. The information I get from the instructions, the brief mention in the Eastwood’s technical library section on buffing, and the Eastwood’s catalog is very conflicting! The instructions say 3-4 hours for the rust cutting media, the technical library says 5-12, and the catalog says the green pyramids aren’t meant to be used for rust cutting at all! The catalog says they’re actually for paint removal, but the other sources say you aren’t supposed to put painted components in the tumbler….. What am I missing that I need to to do to actually have my tumbler perform the job that it was intended for, AKA: Clean parts?

    I have also tried the Dryshine media with some aluminum components for 12 hours, with marginally more success; though still not the results advertised. It doesn’t seem to be getting into the nooks and crannies that I struggle to reach with a dremel. Please help me out here, because I believe my tumbler can possibly save me time and money in my restoration. Thank you for any assistance you can provide…..

    Yours Truly,

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