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    I’ve been reading the forums for quite awhile, purchased an Eastwood kit about 6mos ago, but have been too busy to get the space carved out in my garage.
    I think I’ll probably be able to get my oven hooked up in the next week or two, so will finally be able to tackle a few parts and see how things come out.
    I’ll be starting with some suspension parts on my 69 RS/SS Camaro that I’m in the middle of doing a complete frame-off. We’re in the “re-assemble” stage now, read: Where the fark did THAT part go???? 🙂
    Anyway…one of the things that I’m sure will become clear, but keeps running through my head, is how do you get a “complete” coat on a part?…it has to be hung, or supported somehow, so how do you eliminate the contact points?


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