Getting powdey in deep crevaces

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    Cuda Man

    I am relatively new at powder coating. I did my first wheel on Saturday. It was a steel GM rally wheel. I was doing an EW Rally Wheel Silver/Clear Coat combo. When it came out out of the oven it looked great at first. Then I realized that in the deep crevace on the front (where the wheel center is welded to the rim) the powder did not get in there very well. So I media blasted it and I’m going to try again. The book that came with my EW hobby gun said that in extreme cases the deflector tip and static tubes could be taken out and the powder blown directly into the crevace. Has anyone tried this??? Could it be that the hobby gun is not powerful enough. The way I understand it is that the Pro gun has a stronger charge and makes the powder stick better in crevaces. Is that right? So far my results have been outstanding. This is my first screw up. Also, if I see something like this again, can I hit it with a second coat while the part is still hot, or should I wait for it to cool. Thanks in advance, Mike

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