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    I am restoring a 1975 Honda Trail 90. Using a vibratory tumbler for small nuts and bolts works great but takes a long time. In mean while I am buffing/polishing all the aluminum parts getting pretty good results wiht a 3600 rpm wheel and buffing wheel from sears with brown compound stick havent tried other colors yet. I am having trouble with one part that has lots a nooks and crannys

    I’ve tried using a dremel with buffing wheels and cones no luck they just break up.
    anyone have any other ideas?

    I see eatwood offers some small wheels and cones for 1/4 inch drill
    what rpm do you recommend for drill same as wheel 3600? Are they built better then the stuff for a dremel

    Thanks for any input

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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