Getting into buffing…..what to use to keep my aluminum looking great!?

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    Hey guys and gals! I spent a lot of time reading some of the stickies, and while they give a lot of good information, I couldnt find anything to point me in the right direction as to WHAT I need to buy to have myself setup to maintain my polished pieces.

    Alright, first off here is a picture of my engine bay from last season, it is a combination 60/40 of chromed steel and polished aluminum:


    Here are the items that are polished aluminum: alternator, motor mounts, throttle body, supercharger casing.

    Now, over the winter some of these items started to oxidize and accumulate some pitting: here is the blower casing which is the worst of it ( from my readings, it seems like the cast aluminum used for these superchargers was a poor quality, hence the pitting after being polished)


    So, here are my questions:

    What type of buffing setup do I need to keep the original polish look? Will a cordless electric drill do the trick or will a faster RPM stand alone motor need to be purchased?

    What buff wheels / compounds should I use? As I said they were just polished professionally last year and they need “freshening”. I plan on maintaining the shine for years to come also.

    Thanks in advance!!!!

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