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    My current project is a ’85 Jaguar Xj6 and since it is 25 years old and has fuel problems, I am reworking the tanks. With twin 22 gallon tanks, this think is part fuel tanker, part sports car and part luxury car.

    I am replacing all of the rubber seals, sender floats, et al so have removed and completely stripped the tanks. Both seem in pretty good shape, but have some rust developed in them. At nearly $400 each to replace them, I would prefer to remove the rust and recoat them, but have some questions:

    1. What to use to clean them?
    2. What to use to recoat the interior?
    3. What is the life expectancy of the recoating product.
    4. Anything to be watchful of?

    I read the archive postings but the most recent one was 2006. I was wondering what in new in this area.

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