fuel pump or carb?

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    Vehicle – 1979 Chevy 3/4 ton 2wd 350 5.7L 4bbl
    Issue – truck runs rough at idle – by “rough” I mean it runs unevenly – sometimes threatening to stall, other times it guns up a bit in rpm’s for a second or two, only to settle back down to the choppy idle. It does quit from time to time. I also notice a much more severe tendency to resist idling in cold temps (winter). Summer starting and idling is fine, but still uneven.

    Im considering replacing the fuel pump since its only a $30 part – or should I buy a rebuild kit for my factory 4bbl carb? Or are rebuild and small parts kits a waste of time with factory units? Should I just consider buying a new modern carb? I dont need racing performance, just good enough for hauling and trailering. And idling. 🙂

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