Frustrated!!! Dang Sandblaster!!

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    Ok, so I’ve been using a Home Depot siphon blaster to strip motorcycle frames and parts etc. and killing myself over the time it takes because my friggin air compressor just can’t keep up.

    Yesterday I got fed up and went and bought a “20lb pressure blaster” from Harbor Frieght for $80. Got it all set up and still having major issues! They sold me walnut shells but these things are WAY too big, it clogs instantly. So temporarily I switched over to playsand (I know, I know, dangerous, but I’m blasting in a sealed and vented cabinet with a vacume as well as a resparator), the playsand clogged instantly!… so I filtered the playsand down really fine…still clogs!!!!!!

    What gives???? Any ideas from the pros????

    The blaster nozzle is not a gun it’s just the “plumbing valve” that came with the kit.

    Thanks All


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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