Fresh water to keep you cool?

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    I was watching Eyewitness News local channel 7 here on Long Island New York, the other night, and they said that people stuck in high heat should spray themselves with cool water.

    Water alone can actually make it feel much hotter then it is. Without salt and whatever else your body puts into sweat, the water alone does not give optimum cooling.

    I am still in pretty good physical condition, not great but pretty good. And I can withstand well over 100 degree temperatures for a long time in high humidity and almost no wind or air circulation. Mostly because I intake a large amount of salts everyday. Potato chips actually. Those salts come out when I sweat and those salts cause a much higher level of cooling then does just water.

    In fact after spending a lot of time in an attic like I have over the past few days, I found that if I don’t take salt as well as water. Sweating does nothing. However if I take some salt, the sweat works perfectly.

    I just wonder who ok’s such ridiculous information to go out as fact.

    I believe it has something to do with the way salt water evaporates. I believe that it takes more energy to evaporate salt water then fresh water. Meaning that more heat is needed to evaporate the salt water from your body. When the salt water does evaporate it takes more heat with it then does fresh water.

    Over the years I have tried the garden hose over the head and immediately, until I got new dry clothes I could not take the heat. Yet even soaked with sweat, I can take some serious heat. I intake massive amounts of salt during this time of year, and drink massive amounts of water everyday.

    Just some good advice if you are in the heat.


    William McCormick

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