FrankenWallOven and powder coating bumpers instead of chroming

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    Hi folks – I’m new to PC and the forums, am 43 years old, and have been doing restoration work on and off on cars and motorcycles as a hobby since I was 20. I have searched around a bit regarding the IR lamps and people’s custom ovens, and have ruled out lamps and don’t care to invest space or too much money/time in a giant custom oven with custom electronics. Here’s an idea I wanted to run past some experts to see if it’s plausible. I’m planning to pick up a used wall oven from Craigslist/Habitat/Appliance Dealer which has a convection feature. I would eventually prefer the ability to PC longer items (4 foot sections of 3-part bumpers) and thought one way to do it would be to devise an alternate door for the oven or extension out the front for the few jobs where I need big room. Motorcycle frames would definitely be a possible use. So picture a cube with front and back off, that I butt up against the oven without a door, and the door is refitted on the front of that. When not doing mongo parts, put the door back in its normal configuration, and store the oven extension out of the way. I thought convection, because I believe the heat won’t distribute evenly if I don’t use a fan, but I imagine I’d need to slow it way down or build a box around it to limit the fan’s turbulence blowing powder loose.

    Second question is regarding PC in refinishing the brightwork on my ’72 BMW 2002. It’s got a fair amount of aluminum, stainless, and pot metal, as well as chromed steel bumpers that won’t measure up to the paintjob when I finish restoring it in Malaga (maroon). I understand that PC chrome or black chrome won’t have the same look as real chrome, but if from 15 feet or more, it is reflecting sky and earth (the secret of chrome), that’s my goal. Any closer, I’d like it to look clean like a nicely PC wheel fresh out of the shop. I understand that shooting a clear as a final coating over Chrome PC or Black Chrome PC can help provide UV protection, but do you think I’m setting myself up for disappointment a year or two later if the PC no longer looks shiny? Car will be garaged, but spends whole day in sun or rain when I drive it to work about 5-10 days a month. Right now one plan is to do all this brightwork in a common Black Chrome to give a subtle blackout effect while still embracing the fact that this car is from the chrome bumper era.
    Here’s some photos showing the car and its Black Chrome wheels (factory PC, not mine), to give a sense of the effect and window/trim/bumper brightwork. I’ll be welding in the holes on rear bumper, removing overriders and eliminating the black beltstrip on the side profile. Last photo is the color Marie-Pierre, my wife, has chosen.

    Thanks for any advice you can give.

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