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    Hello all, I have a 64 Mercury Parklane. It was a cottage cruiser before my dad purchased it. Now I have the car and have found that the frame rails are literally full of dirt, stones, broken glass you name it is in there… Anyway I have tried compressed air with a shop vac on various manufactured holes in the rails. trying to get as much out as I can. Anyway, I seem to have reached a point where I cannot get much more out, but I know there is much more just by the sound when I hammer on the rails. Here is my question. Anyone else has dealt with this in the past? I really do not want to run water in there cuz I think it will just turn to mud and rust thru. The rails are solid, which I think I am very lucky to have. My latest idea is to cut into the rail, on the bottom side a rectangle shape. But only cut on 3 sides. That way I can “fold” down that tab and run compressed air in there with some kind of a metal rod to loosen up the 40 years of dirt. Then “fold” the tab back and weld in to place… grind smooth. slap on some POR 15 and be done with it so I can start driving and not worry about future rust issues. Any ideas, am I crazy? Thanks! Martin

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