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    How is it going Kevin….I am working on a 39 Studebaker….I have one problem I can’t seem to get around well I could and get it over with but just want to see some options….On my frame the previous owner tagged a telephone pole on the passenger front fender….denting the fender and budging the passenger frame end/tip just a bit, enough to see a medium size dent…I took measurements but the they seem to still be equal even thought their is a dent..I do want to fix it for insurance make sure it drives straight and so i don’t have to do to much work when putting the fenders back on….Should i cut the section out and fab a new piece up….try to heat it and beat it out, go to a frame specialist..I really just don’t know what to do with this one…I just need to fix this in a hurry so I can move on and paint it already..I think the frame is pretty straight although sometimes i measure with my eye…Hope you can help me Bryan..

    P.S. Your the man lol

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