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    Brad Uhl

    Dear Forum,

    I am currently working on a 1982 Corvette Frame and need some advice before purchasing some Eastwood Products.

    The ’82 Frame was sandblasted & sprayed with lacquer primer prior to my receiving back from the Sandblasters. I have since then taken areas down to bare metal and smoothed with All Metal Aluminum Filler to take care of any imperfections.

    I am looking for a way of finishing the “Touched Up” areas (1/3 of the frame) with a Sandable high build primer for final smoothing prior to topcoating with Extreme Chassis Black. I do not want, however, to spray the entire frame with Hi-Build as it makes things less chip resistant.

    Should I use a Hi-Build Primer on just the repair areas, then seal everything with an Epoxy Primer (PPG’s DP90?), then coat with Extreme Chassis Black? – or just srpay Extreme Chassis Black over the Lacquer Primer/Hi-Build Primer?

    As much of the frame is already sprayed with Lacquer Primer, there doesn’t seem to be much I can do with any type of metal treatment prior to spraying the Chassis Black.

    Any advice you can give me would be much appreciated!!! I need to get some product ordered as soon as possible.

    Thanks a lot!!!

    Brad Uhl

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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