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    I have purchased your products for a jeep j-10 build i’m doing. I’m not looking to win any shows, but I do take pride in my work and if I’m going to do all of this I want it to look good and hold up. So, my question has to do with how well your rust encapsulator will adhere to a clean (non rusty) and partially painted frame. From the tranny forward the frame is practically rust free, mostly due to the extreme amount of leaking oil, tranny fluid, and power steering fluid (I’ve since cleaned it thoroughly). From the trany back it is pretty rusty. On the rusty part, I figured I would brush it, treat it with your rust converter, then a couple of coats of rust encapsulator, and then a couple of coats of extreme chassis black. I want the non-rusty portion to bond well, will rust encapsulator bond? Part of it is bare metal, but most has factory paint on it. If not, how do I transition from rust encapsulator to some other product, and what product should I use? My concern is that there isn’t a natural transition point, so it will need to be blended some how. Ideally the rust encapsulator can be used on all of it, but I’ve read several forums where people have had issues with various rust encapsulator products bonding to non rusty surfaces. Thanks in advance for any advice!

    If you don’t mind a second question, I need a good undercoating for the inner fenders and wheel wells. What is the product you recommend, and what is the prep process? Thanks again.

    Jeremy – Minnesota

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