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    I’m hopefully going to begin a frame-off resto of a ’64 C900 International Harvester pick-up in a couple of months. Never done a resto before but turn wrenches for a living & have A C1200 as a work truck. I’ve already requested a catolog so that’s a good start right? My questions are. After I take a million pictures & dissasemble the thing where from there? Rust removal/prep/paint? If so which is better the rust dissolver or oxysolv? What should I use to get loose rust out of the nooks & crannies? Are there any books or DVD’s that would be the best investment? I think I can do everything but the actual finish painting of the body[never done that] but what are the steps I should take after dissasembly? I’ll have to do the big items outside[my shops only 8’x12′]so any help in that direction would be helpful. I believe learning as much as I can before I start a big first project & figuring up prices for materials/parts & trying to work on a budget. I will be keeping the truck original & as historicaly accurate as possible. Thanks for any help & for a great site. 😀 Just sent some pics to ya’ll I hope. let me know if they came through.

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