Found mercedes deep in swamp

Posted: November 21, 2012 By: tnave1

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    Found this Mercedes extremely deep in a 1700 acre tract of land I have. So far feed back sugest it may be a 1959 220S, however it only has two lights up front where as most of the 220S I have seen online have four, as well as the raised hood ornament and the one I found has a flush hood ornament.
    Any ideas on as is value cleaned up, parts value?? Motor is there, as well as steering wheel, dash, hub caps, all body parts, and all glass exept one tail light and the rear window.Any info, back ground, advice would be very helpful.

    Better to pull out clean up surface filth and sell as is to a restorer?
    Remove valuable parts and sell as is?
    Value of parts or car as is?[ATTACH]4077[/ATTACH][ATTACH]4078[/ATTACH][ATTACH]4079[/ATTACH][ATTACH]4080[/ATTACH][ATTACH]4081[/ATTACH]

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