for those who built their powder ovens

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    how did you heat them? im almost done the framing, insulating and sealing, but i didnt think about the more important aspect. HEAT! the oven is roughly 8x8x8, big enough for a go cart frame (as per request by a local gocart shop) how should i go about heating this thing? just use a bunch of oven elements? i figured that would either draw way too much current, or take forever to heat if i use less….. as it is, i believe if i run 4 standard elements im drawing 60a at 220v, am i right here? just looking for suggestions, i have access to furnace oil burners, and im told the stack temp can reach up to 600, so that could do ceramic too…. i think i can get 2 of em , and install an oil tank outside the garage… anyways…. how are the 20k ones built? whit kinds of elements, and suck, also, how are they ventilated? thanks for the help.

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