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    Tech guys, I’m having issues with my MIG-175 that I received today.

    I called and left a message about the tensioner arm knob having been loose, but I just threaded it in a few complete turns and it’s all good.

    What I now have an issue is with the wire feed speed.

    First I thought I had too much tension in either the spool, or on the lever that holds the free-wheeling roller, because I noticed this on the #7-#10 speed setting: It will not maintain wire feed speed; after about 2 seconds of holding the trigger down, the wire speed drops down to about 2-3 all on its own, and it audibly sounds like the motor is being bogged down by something.

    I thought perhaps it had too much tension somewhere, so I removed the wire spool completely, and lifted up the lever, so the drive roller has nothing to push at all, and it still did the same thing:


    I checked the spool gun and it also does “slowing down of wire feed”, but only if you start out at #8 or higher, and it’s not as pronounced as with the mig gun.

    I’ll be waiting for your call-back.



    hey there- I know this post was a long time ago…but I am currently (july 2018) having the same issue. I have had the welder since 2015 and always wondered why welds were so inconsistent. when I went to change to a new 8″ roll of wire, I found the issue. Feed starts off great the then all the sudden just gets really slow. AND it doesn’t matter where the speed knob is set. It like just one speed.
    so do I have a bad wire feed motor? how can I get one? can I replace myself?

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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