Fly Poop on Bondo!

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    Dr. jinG

    My car is at the paint shop, and when I went by there the other day, I saw what looked like some nasty weld spatter on the Bondo. However, I was told by the body guy and the paint guy that this was actually fly poop. This concerns me, since I’m afraid that it’s going to soak into the bondo and create adhesion problems with the primer/paint. The painter said it just sands off easily, but to me that means he’s just smearing the poop around.

    Thinking about this, though, I know that after sanding, and prior to paint, a tack cloth and cleaner are usually used to get oils off the surfaces to be painted. So, are my fears unfounded? Will that take care of all contaminants?

    If my fears are valid, then what should I use to clean the bondo with that won’t leave a residue, or create problems with the bondo? I’ll most likely be shrink-wrapping the car after that to make sure it stays clean…

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