Flush Mount Windshield and Rear Glass

Posted: April 25, 2013 By: ATX 66 coupe

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    ATX 66 coupe



    I have a 66 coupe that I started building about 4 years ago. I am modeling some of the mods around Project Jaded (hopefully a supercharged terminator will fall into my lap one day). I wanted to know if you can shed some ligth on how to flush-mount the windshield and back glass. I’ve seen it on several cars, primarily Camaros. I’m grafting a new roof skin from a doner car on as mine was a ragtop, so it was trashed. Since I’m at this point, i wanted to tackle the flush mount. I saw on another forum that there was a company selling kits (expensive ones), but they haven’t released one for the Mustangs yet.

    Any info would help.



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