Flange Welding

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    watched your vid (sheet metal repair/replacement, on the Mach 1) for the 1st time… EXCELLENT!!

    I have a couple questions about making flanges/spot welds etc…

    I understand the obvious welding of the spot welds on the flange, but what about the seams?

    are both welded or just the one that WONT be seen… while the exposed (visible) one is done with filler?

    is flanging preferred over butt welding?

    what are some secrets to making better cuts with a cut-off wheel… and having the patches fit their holes better?

    how do you treat pitting?

    I am replacing the floor pans in a couple of JEEPs (76 and 79 CJ5)… neither will be show cars, but i still want them to look like they were done by someone that knows what they’re doing…

    the last one I did became a patchwork of small, cut-to-fit pieces and while it passes OK on MINE, I would like a better looking finished product on my wife’s JEEP…

    sorry for covering you with questions… I just sometimes feel like I am working AGAINST myself

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