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    I hate it when a tool dosn’t work. The double flair tool I bought from Eastwood 2 weeks ago simply dosnt work. After tighting the brake line in the holder to a point was sure the wing nuts were about to snap off, and THEN clamping the tool in a vice I was finly able to stop the tubeing from backing out of the fixture. That was the first hour.
    Then after carefully checking the alighment (several times) I found that the bubble forming die will NOT compress the tubeing end evenly. It ‘rocks over’ to one side, and try as I may I could not get even the first flair to come out in what would be considered a safe profile.
    I have a normal flairing tool that has been used for years and simply wore out. I would have expected a new tool to at least get me through the job at hand. BTW I am useing brake tubeing supplyed by eastwood.
    I expect these comments will get yanked before many people out there get to see’em. But a word to the wise… save your time and money by avoiding the flairing tool.

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